As caseworkers we see daily the real needs of constituents. Often we are people they turn to when Government services fall short. Without our work, real people suffer.

Westminster Professionals training courses have been developed by experienced caseworkers, social workers and political professionals who know the challenges and have seen it all before.

Our courses are focused on the real-world demands of caseworkers, influenced by best-practice methods used in the social services and NGO sectors.

Core courses:

From casework to campaigns

  • Transform your approach to casework. Deliver real benefits to those who seek your help and highlight the great achievements of your MP helping local constituents.

  • Though-provoking group exercises to help you re-think how casework adds value to your MP and how it can provide the groundwork for great campaigns

Managing high caseloads

  • Help more constituents and get through more cases by working smarter, not harder.

  • Strategies, techniques, technological solutions and support for experienced caseworkers to become even more effective

Handling challenging cases

  • Develop practical skills in dealing with challenging cases such as those with mental illness, those affected by drugs, those with a language background other than English and urgent cases

  • Work through real-life exercises to help build your skills and resilience 

immigration for caseworkers

  • Be confident in your knowledge of the UK immigration system including the process and rules of citizenship, immigrant tiers, visas and asylum claims

  • Learn how the Home Office and the Courts deal with immigration matters and how your office can provide the most assistance possible.

Welfare benefits for caseworkers

  • Gain a detailed knowledge of the welfare and benefits system – including the most recent changes brought about by the Welfare Reform Act and Universal Credit

  • Learn where to look for information, which agencies are most useful for different constituents and how to craft effective ministerial representations

Housing for caseworkers

  • Understand clearly the housing policy landscape and become familiar with the various housing options and service providers that can assist your constituents

  • Develop a set of strategies to help you manage individual cases quickly and efficiently

further development:

Writing Press releases, newsletter content and opinion pieces

  • Get your message across by adopting our proven communication frameworks. Write like a pro with 'zinger' headlines and developing quotes journalists actually want to use.

  • Lean techniques like the inverted news pyramid and how to structure opinion pieces to ensure you prove your point and put forward a compelling argument. 

Political Speech writing

  • Stand out from the crowd by mastering the art of speech writing

  • Understand your audience and set the right tone for your speaker. Using clever rhetorical devices and proven frameworks, structure your speeches to achieve maximum impact

Using Parliament for political effect

  • Strategically develop your political aims and objectives

  • Learn the avenues, tips & techniques to achieve your aims inside and outside of the Westminster village

Communicating for political impact

  • Stop just sending out ‘stuff’ and start achieving political impact through communicating strategically.

  • Learn how to plan and implement smart communication strategies using professional methods designed specifically for MP’s offices.

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