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Parliamentary Assistant / Researcher

As Parliamentary Assistants we need to be experts in everything from Parliamentary procedure, to media management and policy. It’s an impossible ask, made harder with the extreme time constraints during sitting periods.

Westminster Professionals training courses have been developed by seasoned Parliamentary Assistants and political professionals who know the challenges and have seen it all before.

Our courses are focused on the real-world demands of Parliamentary Assistants, influenced by best-practice methods used in the communication and public affairs sectors.

core courses:

Using Parliament for political effect

  • Strategically develop your political aims and objectives

  • Learn the avenues, tips & techniques to achieve your aims inside and outside of the Westminster village

Communicating for political impact

  • Stop just sending out ‘stuff’ and start achieving political impact through communicating strategically.

  • Learn how to plan and implement smart communication strategies using professional methods designed specifically for MPs offices.

Writing Press releases, newsletter content and opinion pieces

  • Get your message across by adopting our proven communication frameworks. Write like a pro with 'zinger' headlines and developing quotes journalists actually want to use.

  • Lean techniques like the inverted news pyramid and how to structure opinion pieces to ensure you prove your point and put forward a compelling argument. 

Leading and Influencing teams and people

  • Build you leadership and management skills 

  • Get better results from your team by communicating better, giving great feedback, managing difficult conversations and resolving conflict with staff

Researching and communicating political intelligence

  • Practice developing strong political research strategies, finding rich sources of information, helping you to construct a strong, cohesive, evidence-based argument

  • Make political impact by communicating your findings effectively, including creating charts, graphs and images for use on social media

Media Management for Communications staff

  • Develop clear and consistent messages. Then get your message out there by understanding the media cycle and what journalists want.

  • Lean the skills to plan and sell your upcoming positive media stories. Don't break a sweat responding to journalist requests. Develop plans for known upcoming media risks.  

Political Speech writing

  • Stand out from the crowd by mastering the art of speech writing

  • Understand your audience and set the right tone for your speaker. Using clever rhetorical devices and proven frameworks, structure your speeches to achieve maximum impact

Making videos for social media

  • Create professional storylines and story boards to quickly and effectively get your message across on video

  • Create and edit authentic, quality videos with everyday software and hardware (like phones & ipads)

Dealing with online abuse and cyber security

  • Take away a detailed toolkit to help you manage and counter on-line abuse, ensuring you and your office remain safe and resilient

  • Manage misinformation by exposing and countering fake news which is directed at your MP, your cause or organisation

  • Understand common vulnerabilities in your online systems and practices and how to best protect against unwanted interference and access.

further development:

Demystifying stakeholder engagement

  • Specially designed for small organisations who want to develop evidence-based, professional stakeholder engagement skills and strategies

  • Learn and practice stakeholder mapping, pro-active engagement strategies, account management and the interpersonal skills needed to win over your stakeholders

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